Lily Lih-ting Li Kostrzewa - east x west inspired contemporary artist
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Japanese artist visit
Japanese artist visit
  • Have rhythm will draw - This is an abstract painting exhibition with deep influence of Chinese philosophy and Chinese art, by artist Lihting Lily Li Kostrzewa. Lihting has grown up in Taiwan and graduated from National Taiwan Normal University with an art degree in Chinese painting, moved to USA in 1990. Since then she has received her MFA degree in modern painting and MA degree in computer graphics from Central Michigan University. Currently she is a professional artist in Michigan.
  • Michigan News - Michigan artist Lily Lihting Li Kostrzewa will participate in the international Artexpo New York as a solo artist. 

  • Art News on local newspaper Morning Sun - Time Out
  • "Artist Lily Lihting Li Kostrzewa will participate in the international Artexpo New York.See linkonline
  • "Michigan artist Lily Lihting Li Kostrzewa will participate in the international Artexpo New York as a solo artist" See link online
  • Juror's Special Recognition of the 8th Annual Abstraction Juried On line International Art Exhibition of Upstream People Gallery:
  • "Lih-ting Li Kostrzewa in the use of charcoal and acrylic presents a rather loose and playful representation of “A Bird in Landscape”. This free form approach helps to suggest the lightness and freedom associated with birds.".   

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  • Juror's Special Recognition of the 10th Anniversary Best of the Best On line International Art Exhibition of Upstream People Gallery.See link online.
  • Copy of Hibiscus Juried Art Exhibition/Kostrzewa-Silence Inside ... 
    "Silence Inside the Wall" Artist: Lihting Li Kostrzewa from Mt. Pleasant MI Medium: Acrylic Size: 24" - 18" Hibiscus Children's Center, 2400 NE Dixie Hwy, Jensen Beach, FL 34957
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  • On Angel Magazine – Lihting Li Kostrzewa’s artistic modern interpretations, celebrating angels & the angelic world
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    ... lihting li kostrzewa hat einen neuen Blogeintrag veröffentlicht: lihting li kostrzewa hat neue Bilder in die Galerie geladen. lihting li ...
  • Taiwan Artwork - Kostrzewa, Lihting Li - Home ... artist in Midwest, Michigan. A cross- cultural artist from Taiwan, with a MFA degree in painting. ... artist from Taiwan
  • Outstanding Award from Midland Center of Arts, Midland Art Council of Michigan
  • Feb 21, 2011 ...orientalism art exhibition by Chinese artist Lihting Lily Li Kostrzewa
  • 2011 work at Art Reach gallery...Aug. 4-27: Lily Li Kostrzewa and Linda Oates, oil and acrylic paintings and ceramics; reception Thursday, Aug. 11, 5 to 7 p.m. Morning Sun Newspaper