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99-Sheep - magic series
Funding my Art, Patron Needed!

I am looking for art patrons to support my new series of artwork “99-Sheep” project. If anyone would like to support me in continuing my endeavor, please send $14 monthly support by check or PayPal to me. (A one-time $150 yearly support is very welcome.) In return, I will send you a different 8x10” poster of my artwork with my signature every month. Check payable to “ Lily Lihting Li Kostrzewa ” at P. O. Box 295, Mount Pleasant, MI 48804. By using PayPal please send money to “ ” or using the button below. Your life is going to be blessed by participating in this project. Thank you.
What is a "99-Sheep" art project? 
It is the Parable of the Lost Sheep is one of the parables of Jesus. It appears in the Gospels of Matthew (Matthew 18:12–14) and Luke (Luke 15:3–7). It is about a shepherd who leaves his flock of ninety-nine sheep in order to find the one which is lost. It is my story and maybe yours too, I want to share the joy and sorrow of my life through my paintings. I wish you to experience the peace of green pastures through my artwork, please support my effort.

Do you know the value of art is in the beholder's eyes? It is not a commodity, when art's value becomes a commodity, an artist will act as the hired labor for the purpose to please his/her master. However, a true art needs to be returned to the true soul of artists' creativity, hence an artist has to be true to him-herself.  
My wish is one day the art world could be changed to an artist-friendly environment, not only a buyer-friendly environment, it could be shared by many small players, it could be joined by many people with common interests to support their chosen artists. I wish it would no longer belong to the rich, the elite, and the unreachable. As a common knowledge, it is okay for the majority of people to pay ten dollars to download an album of music. Why can it be the same way for visual artists? Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. I am counting on you to make the difference too. LK
Monthly Support
month by month to be the patron to support your artist
Price: $14.00
Yearly Support
a one-time yearly support to be the art patron
Price: $150.00

99-Sheep - magic (2), 36

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