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I was born in a small town of Taiwan in 1965, the youngest of five children. Both my parents moved from China to Taiwan right after WWII. My father was an accountant executive who loves creative writing. My mother was a school science teacher.
Since I was nine years old, I have dreamed about being an artist. I remember one day I saw some Cézanne paintings in one of my father’s magazines, I soon copied them with watercolor on papers. A love for art has ever since become my devotion. At the age of twelve, my parents sent me to learn traditional Chinese painting from a Chinese master and this continued for the next six years. At the age of sixteen, I began learning oil painting and did many portrait paintings for my family and friends.
    After receiving my fine art degree and teaching degree from National Taiwan Normal University, I taught art in junior high school for three years also served as an art education director of the thirteen junior high schools in my school district. In 1990 I received an opportunity to come to Ohio State University to study. Eventually I went on to receive my MA degree in Computer Graphics and MFA degree in Painting from Central Michigan University. For years I have worked as a computer artist, designer and art professor in both industrial and academic settings. Currently, I am a mother of three grade school children and a full time professional artist with my own art studio.
    In early 1900, few pioneer Chinese artists went to Paris to study European modern art and they brought back ground breaking changes in Chinese Art. I am hoping to bring some of my Chinese Art perspective to modern painting and marry them into a cross-cultural uniqueness.
(Growing Pain, mixed Media on paper, 52"x27", outstanding award by Curator of New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York City)
(Yin and Yang, mixed media on paper, 65"x36")
(Your portfolio is an intriguing interpretation of the ...portrait in the
painting genre. I enjoy how you incorporate elements of Chinese Art into
your paintings. I especially like in the painting-Yin and Yang -
how your figure is contrasting the abstract background. I love the
color palette of the background and how your figure is monochromatic.
Your work is very strong and I look forward to seeing it progress even
Marietta Davis--Guest Curator, Artists Wanted)
Artist Statement
As an artist, painting has become my vocation since I was a young child.  I have always dreamed about pictures and colors since I was young.  My life is always full of imagination and ideas which I cannot wait to draw on paper.    One day I realized I was able to use paintbrushes to express life just like authors use writing or film producers use movies.  However, it took me years to be familiar with all different kinds of painting media and study many masters’ artworks.  Eventually I earned the freedom to use what I learned to express my thoughts.  I’m glad today I’m able to talk about life and beauty through colors, nature, and figures.   I am an artist who spent almost the same amount of time in both the east and west cultures.  I use life experiences to create my own cross-cultural art.   

Oriental Red-1 is one of my new PAINTING series "ORIENTAL RED". I try to express how red color is honored in Asian culture and how bright red colors could be presented on canvas. Oriental Red associates with luck, joy, happiness as well as prosperity.

Oriental Red-5
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