Lily Lih-ting Li Kostrzewa - east x west inspired contemporary artist
Writing Samples as an Art Critic from Lily Kostrzewa

The Elixir of Ataraxy in a Sea of Trouble, a review of 17 contemporary expat Japanese women artists in NYC, published by Art Review City

Editor letter

“John Link in art Teaching – Interview with Lily Kostrzewa – From Philosophy to Art to Writing”, Vol-34-no-2, UK, 2019

“Finding your path and dream big – an interview with Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen in Grand Rapids Art Museum (written in Chinese),, online August 2019

“European Odyssey” (an art life by Lily Kostrzewa),, online July 2019

“A Quick Review of Cuban Art Today”,, online June 2019

“Sokurov and Rembrandt” – the 2019 Venice Biennale Russian Pavilion, New Art Examiner, Vol-33-no-6, UK, 2019

“Making art is … making love to the world.”- a Frank Gehry interview, New Art Gazette, Vol-33-no-4, UK, 2019

“After 40 years sowing seeds in Academia”- a special art exhibition at Richmond Center of Visual Arts, WMU, Kalamazoo, Michigan, vol-31-no-5, New art Examiner, Cornwall, UK, 2017