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About Lily

Lihting Lily Li Kostrzewa is a contemporary fine artist who specializes in cross-cultural acrylic and mix-media painting. Lily, a Taiwan-born artist, her style of painting is lush, imaginative and cultural with simple brush strokes exhibited complicate layers of colors. Lily now lives and paints in New York City, her artwork has been exhibited in Spain, Germany, France, Ukraine, Jordan, Taiwan, Austria, Canada, Greece, Italy, China, South Korea, Japan and many states in the USA. 

Through a lifetime of learning in different medium of art, she has an MFA degree in Modern Painting, an MA degree in Computer Graphics and an BFA degree in Chinese Art. Her color is expressive and her brush strokes on her painting are rooted in her native culture and the years of training in painting. She hopes to bring her Chinese perspective to modern painting and marry them into a cross-cultural uniqueness. Lily's paintings have been exhibited in 30 solos and many group exhibitions around the world.

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