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Writing Samples as an Art Critic from Lily Kostrzewa (Author of Art Review City) 

    • Editor letter-about art world
    • John Link in art Teaching – Interview with Lily Kostrzewa – From Philosophy to Art to Writing”, Vol-34-no-2, UK, 2019
    • “Finding your path and dream big – an interview with Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen in Grand Rapids Art Museum (written in Chinese),, online August 2019
    • “European Odyssey” (an art life by Lily Kostrzewa),, online July 2019
    • “A Quick Review of Cuban Art Today”,, online June 2019
    • “Sokurov and Rembrandt” – the 2019 Venice Biennale Russian Pavilion, New Art Examiner, Vol-33-no-6, UK, 2019
    • “Making art is … making love to the world.”- a Frank Gehry interview, New Art Gazette, Vol-33-no-4, UK, 2019
    • “After 40 years sowing seeds in Academia”- a special art exhibition at Richmond Center of Visual Arts, WMU, Kalamazoo, Michigan, vol-31-no-5, New art Examiner, Cornwall, UK, 2017
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