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How to Purchase

It is my honor to have you as a collector and patron. Once you have a piece of my art in your house or office, you will start feeling the enthusiasm, beauty and blessing from my work. Congratulates on your way to be my art collector and thank you for helping artists like me to make a difference in the world. As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals just like you. Best Regards, LK

Current retail price $= square size (W x H) x 2 in Art Catalog by Years page, contact us for availability and shipping price here (usually ship inside the USA 30" or smaller are around $50 by the Post Office or Federal Express, larger than 30" will be shipped by Federal Express and price could be around $100 or more.)

By using PayPal, please send money to “ ”. 

Price sample, please see below:

Current Retail Price of Childhood-Girls in Pink Tutus series


"Childhood" this project was about girls in pink tutus in moving images. I used photo-based images with hundreds of movements of my daughter Grace to present youth, the memories of her growth to symbolize the process of girlhood. I incorporated elements of Chinese philosophy and human figures into my painting along with contrasting abstract backgrounds. My goal was to examine the humanity and life through my project. Then a tragic event happened in Sandy Hook Elementary forced me to think deep about sadness in our lives. In our journey through life, we will never know what is coming next. So the last painting is titled "In Memoriam".

Current Retail Price of Urban Interweave series


In this series “Urban Interweave” I depict urban landscape in a mythical oriental interpretation such as those we saw in the Chinese landscape paintings. I purposefully add oriental red color and Chinese ink to mix colored sands with acrylic. Also, I use black charcoals to depict unspeakable urban despairs in the midst of prosperity as my primary painting material on canvas. The 3D texture is so vibrant and provocative. There are no ordinary colors that can reach the same result.

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